About this project

Cotton Modules origin

During lockdown, Jesse and Robin dropped cassette tapes on each other’s doorsteps in Oakland, a ping-ponging analog process that began as an open-ended exploration and sharpened into a coherent set of songs.

Cotton Modules origin

The rules for the process were simple but strict:

Here’s what we think is interesting about the result:

In a sense, this project was our expedition to an uncharted Shadow Planet, and these songs are what we brought back.

Cotton Modules origin


In this interview with Clive Thompson, you can totally detect the rhythm of our live conversation, all three of us — it was tons of fun.

In this Q&A with James Vincent at The Verge, Robin gets into the feeling of using the AI model: “wandering in an enormous labyrinth or a dead city.”

About us

Jesse Solomon Clark is a composer for emergent and traditional narrative forms. He has created music for films, commercials, and physical installations around the world.

Robin Sloan is a New York Times best-selling author of novels published in the U.S., Japan, and many other countries, and a creative technologist with a focus on AI.

A picture of Jesse and Robin together, eyes cast downward at what we can only assume is the ghostly light of creation.

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